Restarting my blog!

Hi my beautiful friends! I did not update my blog for long time.
I was looking for what I really want to do in my life, for the best life, what should I do for myself therefore,  I did not write any topic here. My passion for Okinawa, Japan has never been gone however, I was really looking for myself. I think it comes to everyone like that season or time, I would like to know when you had one, how did you get over it.
On my blog, I would like to share with you any topics which are I am interested in such as Okinawa, Food, Beauty, Travels… any related my life! I used to be update here  most of about Okinawa because I wanted you to know about how my hometown Okinawa is great, but when I asked people from other countries about Japan, they know Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hokkaido. no Okinawa. It made me very sad. I know here is a small island, nothing to do that much, but I feel the potential here, culture, natures, food and especially local people are very nice! They are very shy, one of the reason is we live in the small island however, once you get them, oh no they are super friendly! I love here! I am very proud of where I am from!
Alright, I am getting excited to write about Okinawa. Time to clam down haha.

I just would like to mention you that from today, my blog is changed little a bit. I would like to share with you any my life. I really love make up especially Japanese skincare and make up products.
Since 13 years old, I have skin problem which is acne. My skin is very sensitive than other people. I think that problem is not only me but also some people especially ladies have that.
Therefore,  I have added new category here which is skin-cares and make-up one. Please let me know if you are also interested in Japanese beauty products or how to use because most of products are in Japanese! besides, leave your message on the comment if you are curious or want to try Japanese beauty products here. I have also Instagram account @ymn511 or @trymejapan, I am going to update and share about Japanese beauty products however, more details are on my blog.

Of course I am going to update here about Okinawa, Cooking, Food, Travels and Make-up everything!!!
I hope you could enjoy my renew blog♪


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