Happy New Year 2018!!

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Happy New Year from Japan!!

Hi my beautiful ladies! How is your countries New Year Holiday?? How could you spend time for that??
Japanese style is that most people go to the temple and pray for family health and happy for a year and meet and spend time with family. New Year is one of the most important holidays for us because family are connect even though we live in different prefectures or countries.

First of January was that I went to grandmothers’s houses. My dad side and mom side. It was super busy day and many many family I met Ha! I feel that I am getting old, but I want to get old with beauty age. Wen I am wife, mother and grandmother, I want to be that I am still the beautiful lady! All ladies can be! I strongly believe that. Be beauty is fun! happy! enjoy! everything positive way. I love that!

At grandmothers’s houses, I met cousins, and most my cousins got marry and have kids! I gave money to all kids. This is we call お年玉 Otoshidama. Only New Years Day, we give money to kids. I think in China has similar culture in Chinese New Years.

Moreover, The most amazing news was my sister got an engagement! I am very happy for her! I really want to make up for her at the wedding party with Tryme Box. She must make a beautiful bride♡♡♡ When time is coming, I will share with you♪

I would love to know how was your New Years Day! Leave your comment and let’s share yours with all beautiful ladies!



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