Happy New Year 2018!!

Tryme Japanese beauty subscription box

Happy New Year from Japan!! Hi my beautiful ladies! How is your countries New Year Holiday?? How could you spend time for that?? Japanese style is that most people go to the temple and pray for family health and happy for a year and meet and spend time with family. New Year is one of the most important holidays for us because family are connect even though we live in different prefectures or countries. First of January was that I went to grandmothers’s houses. My dad side and mom side. It was super busy day and many many family I met Ha! I feel that I am getting old, but I […]

Restarting my blog!

Hi my beautiful friends! I did not update my blog for long time. I was looking for what I really want to do in my life, for the best life, what should I do for myself therefore,  I did not write any topic here. My passion for Okinawa, Japan has never been gone however, I was really looking for myself. I think it comes to everyone like that season or time, I would like to know when you had one, how did you get over it. On my blog, I would like to share with you any topics which are I am interested in such as Okinawa, Food, Beauty, Travels… […]

The BEST Food Festival ” Okinawa Food Flea “

okinawa food flea

Hi everyone! Okinawa weather is getting warm, I feel Spring is just around the corner! I am excited because we can picnic on the beach or the grass. If you also love picnic or chilling out outside, you would love Okinawa Food Flea. It is the best outside event in Okinawa! What is Okinawa Food Flea? Okinawa Food Flea has been start since 2014. This event is held every three months, and pretty new food event however, it is getting popular and big event in Okinawa. That food stalls are very high quality, unique and famous. Over 50 food and craft shops were participated in the most recently event. Some […]

Fancy Izakaya at Mekara Uroko

Sunabe Girls night at Mekara Uroko

Hi everyone! How is your Thursday? Friday is almost there! I went to Izakaya which names MEKARA UROKO last weekend. I thought Izakaya is probably only Japanese style. Have you ever been Izakaya? or you might think what is that?? What is Izakaya?? Izakaya is similar to bar or Spain bar, but it is also quite different to them. Izakaya is drinking and eating with affordable price. Fundamentally, it is all you can drink with a time limit. This is my opinion though, most great point of Izakaya is food. Izakaya food is very good and unique. I am always surprised their original food when I am there. I can […]

Are you looking for a relaxing place in Okinawa, Japan?

Ginowan Marina is Great Spot for Relaxing

Hi everyone! Are you looking for relaxing place in Okinawa, Japan? If you visit Okinawa for vacation, of course you need relax, I think. However, the tourist who visit Okinawa stay here two or three days. It is very short time to have fun all Okinawa. If you stay here only short time, I recommend you that you should stay in Ginowan city because there is easy to access to Naha city and also American Village. The both areas are good for shopping. If you do not need shopping, the North is the best to stay in Okinawa. Ginowan Marina is Great Spot for Relaxing Ginowan Marina is good for […]

Sumptuous lunch at Kafuu Resort Hotel in Okinawa, Japan

Sumptuous lunch at Kafuu Resort Hotel in Okinawa

Hi everyone! Do you like buffet style food? I think girl love it because we can enjoy a lot of different food at once. Usually, most of hotel restaurants have buffet style. There are lots of hotels in Onna village, Okinawa, so my family and I went to one of the wonderful hotel to have a wonderful lunch together. Amazing Lunch with Family at Kafuu Resort Hotel I had a sumptuous lunch at Kafuu Resort Hotel with mother, aunts and cousin last Friday. Kafuu Resort Hotel is located in Onna village and famous as luxury hotel in Okinawa, Japan. I have never been there thus, this time was my first […]

Cozy cafe with good coffee in Okinawa, Japan


Hi everyone! How is your Thursday? Mine is getting good start with good coffee at cozy cafe which name VONGO&ANCHOR in Okinawa, Japan. I know that most of my blog are about cafe or coffee because I love it! Besides, there are many cafe or coffee shops in Okinawa recently, and it is very cute, cozy and great coffee and food. Therefore, I enjoy to look for new place all the time. My Three Favorite Point at VONGO&ANCHOR First of all, this interior is my favorite. I feel that I visit to another country. All goods are very cute and good design, and also you could see that most of customer […]

Perfect weekend at Umikaji Terrace in Okinawa, Japan

best chilling area after your long flight to okinawa Hi everyone! How was your weekend? It was great weather in Okinawa therefore, my friend and I went to “Umikaji Terrace” which is located in Senaga Island. It is very close from Naha airport. Hence, definitely good area to have lunch or hang out before and after when you visit here.   There are 34 shops and restaurants. It is difficult to decide which shop is good. I recommend you that you should see what they have first, and which is the best for your situation. We went there after lunch time, so we had a relax at cafe. I drank […]

Lovely Valentine’s Lunch

Happy valentine’s day from Okinawa, Japan Hi everyone! How was your Valentine’s Day? I really had a good one with my sister. We had a lunch together at Minatogawa States Side Town. There are many old American style housing, and most of shops have renovated. Each shop has very unique and cute design. We were not able to decide which one should we go into therefore, we walked around there more than three times, and decided for Valentine’s Day lunch. “Limpid” that is perfect blue color and tropical image cafe and dining place. The cute design is not only an appearance but also interior. The lunch menu is affordable price, lunch time […]

Happy Valentine’s Day from Okinawa Japan

How to make okinawan cookies “chinsuko”? Hi everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day♡ How are you going to spend today? Hopefully, you are going to spend amazing day. Do you know Japanese Valentine’s Day is little a bit different to general one. Valentine’s Day is usually Men give some presents such as flowers, chocolate and message card to women however, in Japan is opposite. Women give them to men, normally they make hand-made chocolate dessert or buy chocolate. However, sister and I decide to make Okinawan Cookies which we call “Chinsuko(ちんすこう)”. We have been inherited this since 400 years. It was only for royal family and aristocracy in Ryukyu Era nowadays, this is very […]