Okinawa Traditional Food in Winter Season

Okinawa traditional winter food

Hi everyone! Does your country has traditional witer food? My home town Okinawa has kind of a lot. I got one of the traditional winter food from my cousin today therefore, I would like to share Okinawa traditional with you.

What is mu-chi (ムーチー) ?

Do you know ” mu-chi ” (ムーチー) ? It is one of Okinawa traditional food. We make and eat it on the December 8th (Chinese Calendar). Okinawa culture is very deeply and closely connect to Chinese culture because we were used to King of Ryukyu. Hence, we still follow this calendar for Okinawa culture.

Old tradition has it that our health is great when we eat ” mu-chi ” (ムーチー). Especially, people who give the birth that year make it and give to family and neighbors. Legend has it that our health is good if we could eat it the same as ourself age. Besides, around ” mu-chi ” (ムーチー) season is getting cold even here is Okinawa. Therefore, we call it mu-chi bi-sa (ムーチービーサー). It is Okinawa dialect. It is likely that cold days will continue for a while… It usually has three different taste which are white sugar, brown sugar and Okinawa sweet potato.

mu-chi Okinawa traditional winter food

After three days, ” mu-chi ” (ムーチー) is firm, so my recommend eating is fry and add salt little a bit. It is good for when you are peckish.

My favorite simply mu-chi cooking

  1. Heat the empty pan before adding a little oil to the frying pan.
  2. Add the oil into the frying pan.
  3. Put firmed mu-chi on the frying pan.
  4. Sprinkle them with salt little a bit.
  5. Get a little charcoal
  6. Done!!

” mu-chi ” (ムーチー) is local event, most of time is only among family. However, if you go to local grocery stores which is San-A or Union on the 8th December (Chinese calendar), you could find it. This event is only winter time and very short, so if you visit here around ” mu-chi ” (ムーチー) season, you definitely should try it!

Thank you.


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