The great Okinawa souvenir ” Mozuku Seaweed Soup “


Hi everyone! When you are choosing souvenirs, it is quite hard to decide which one is good, especially you visit the place more than twice. It is not cool to give same souvenir to your colleagues, friends and family. I always think If someone tell me which one is popular to local people when I travel. It must be great souvenirs I think.

The great Okinawan souvenir ” Mozuku Seaweed Soup “

One of my friend introduced me ” Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed Soup ” (沖縄県産もずく芽かぶのとろ〜りスープ). I found it at local grocery store. It is not as souvenir I think, but I bet that it should be great souvenir for international tourists. The taste is good, and the price is also affordable. Where you can find it? It is possible to purchase at local grocery stores. I recommend San-A which is very familiar grocery store for local people. You can enjoy local atmosphere and  see what local people buy there. Nowadays,  a lot of tourist are shopping at San-A, so there is the souvenirs area even small malls.

My recommendation simply recipe with Mozuku seaweed soup

  • Egg Soup
  • Bento box Egg
  • Vinegared Food
  • Salad
  • Mix Rice

It is easy to cook and eat. Please try it when you visit Okinawa 🙂

Thank you.



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