The Best Okinawa Soba “Shuri soba”

famous okinawa soba which is shuri soba

Hi everyone! When you are in Okinawa, Japan, you definitely have to try to eat Okinawa Soba. I highly recommend you that you should eat it at lunch time.

What is Okinawa Soba?

Do you know Okinawa Soba anyway? It is one of the popular Okinawan local food. It is one of the noodle, similar to Ramen or Udon however, it is absolutely different to them. In Japan, when we call soba which mean we use buckwheat flour, but the ingredient of Okinawa soba is  only flour. There are a lot of Okinawa Soba restaurants in Okinawa. It looks same, but totally different taste. They have different broth( we call it dashi), noodle style, pork ribs…etc” They have their original recipes.

Very popular Okinawa Soba “Shuri Soba”

“Shuri soba” is one of the popular Okinawa Soba here. It is located in Naha City which is near from Naha airport. It is good for visiting there when you arrive here or back to your home, I think. Nowadays, many tourists not only from mainland Japan but also Asia countries. The noodle is made there, and the broth is made by bonito. It is not only simple but also rich. When I go there, it is already line up…Very famous Okinawa soba

Shuri soba is very famous Okinawa soba

Opening time is from 11:30, but it is very fast to be sold out. Hence, I recommend you that you should go there around 11:00am at least. Especially, mix rice is sold out very quickly, so if you also want to eat it, definitely you should be there by 11:00. However, every Sundays is closed, so it is better to eat Shuri soba weekday 🙂

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  • Name: Shuei soba (首里そば)
  • Official Site:
  • Address: 沖縄県那覇市首里赤田町1-7 1F
  • Opening Hours: 11:30~14:00 (Sundays and Japanese holidays are closed)
  • Credit Card: No
  • Phone: 098-884-0556
  • Area: It would take about 40min from Naha airport by a car



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