The Best Pudding in Okinawa

okinawa pudding


Hi everyone! Do you like a pudding? I do so much. When I go to family house, friend’s house or the office, I bring some sweet for them, but I almost bring same one, so I was looking for some interesting and good taste one.  Finally, I found it which names ” Ryukyu Pudding “.

Unique and great taste pudding

Ryukyu Pudding opens last Autumn in Naha. It is a tasty, cute and unique pudding. I have heard that their pudding are very good, and one of them is made with old sake. Old sake?! with pudding?! I was wondering that it might not be good taste. It makes me surprised. It is a very good combination.

ryukyu pudding

ryukyu pudding

ryukyu pudding

What is Awamori??

Okinawa old sake is different to sake which are from mainland Japan. We call it “Awamori”. Most of them are made by Thailand rice. The flavor, smell and how-to-drinking are different. We cannot say “Old sake of Awamori” if it is not over three years.

*If you would like to learn further Awamori, please check here.

Old sake of Awamori is very smoothly, tasty and high quality. ” Koshu Pudding ” (古酒プリン) is made with it! You might be curious about the alcohol, but it is almost nothing there, but you can enjoy the taste and smell of old sake of Awamori. Even if you have to drive, you do not worry, you can eat it and drive. They have already done the driving test for it.

ryukyu pudding

ryukyu pudding

I think you could enjoy it even if you would like to try Awamori, but you dislike the taste of sake. There are also other unique puddings. If you are in Okianwa, I highly recommend you there to make good Okianwan memories 🙂

Thank you.



    • Name: Ryukyu Pudding (琉球プディング)
    • Official Site:
    • Address: 沖縄県那覇市曙2-11-17
    • Opening Hours: 10:00~20:00 (Irregular day off)
    • Credit Card:
    • Price: ¥380~
    • Phone:098-917-5511
    • Area: It would take about 15min from Naha Airport by a car


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