Wonderful Grocery Shop ” Okinawa Grocery “

okinawa grocery

Hi Everyone!  Have you already been to Naha Kokusai Street? It is very famous spot for tourists. I am sure all tour guide books introduce there because the both side of street are souvenir shops besides, it is near from Naha airport, so it is a good plan to go there before back to your home.

Tiny Amazing Grocery Shop ” Okinawa Grocery “

I find a super cool store which called ” Okinawa Grocery ” in Naha city which is close from Kokusai street and Makishi Public Market. It is a very small shop, so you should pay attention when you are close from Makishi Public Market. Otherwise, you might have passed there without noticing. Their products are made in Okinawa. All products are high quality. It is a work full of producer’s passion. You can also drink cordial soda which is made in Okinawa.

okinawa grocery store

okinawa grocery store

If you have questions, the stuff would explain very well. He is very kindness person. I could enjoy chatting with him and I could learn new Okinawa from him. Even if you do not meet the producer, you could feel their passion through Okinawa Grocery. Even for me, I was surprised that we have a lot of great products here. I also want local people to know there. A lot of people think that they do not want to lose our wonderful culture and good things. New is always good because it is new but we should not forget past, experience or history. I love mix thing between traditional and modern. I think” Okinawa Grocery ” is the best for it. If you are looking for the souvenir, it would be a great present or souvenir to know and feel real Okinawa. Besides, the design is also cure and unique. I think we can utilize them after eating 🙂

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  • Name: Okinawa Grocery
  • Official Site: http://www.okinawagrocery.com/
  • Address: 沖縄県那覇市松尾2-10-1
  • Opening Hours: 11:00~19:00 (Irregular day off)
  • Credit Card:
  • Price: ¥800~2,000
  • Phone: 070-5278-5995
  • Area: It would take about 20min from Naha airport by a car


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