Hello! I am chacha from Okinawa!

Shuri Castle

Hello! Konnichiwa! from Okinawa, Japan!

Hello! This is chacha from Okinawa, Japan.  I would love to share with you about my sweet home Okinawa. I would love to introduce you the place, food, souvenirs, cooking and my favorite things!

Where is Okinawa?

Okinawa is the South of Japan. Here is tropical island! Here is resort area especially for mainland people. Nowadays, a lot of Asia countries tourists visit Okinawa. I am very happy that a lot of people visit here. Hopefully, they have wonderful memories here and come back again! Feel free to ask me when you have questions especially about Okinawa. If you have never been here, I hope that you would like to come here when you read my blog♡

Thank you.



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