Free Wifi Available Cafe ” Sea Glass Cafe “

sea glass cafe

Hello everyone! How are you today? It is getting cold here. Everyone think Okinawa is tropical island, so there is winter season or not?? Yes, we have. Besides, in winter season, the windy come from the North and we do not have enough heater system because the winter season is short term. Therefore, we feel that Okinawa winter season is quite hard to stay warm.

Free wifi cafe ” Sea Glass Cafe “

Have you ever been to Seawall, Okinawa? There is popular spot not only for local people but also for tourists these days. There are many cozy cafes and restaurants in seawall area. Among them is that I like Sea Glass Cafe because I can utilize free wifi, early opening hour (8:00 to 16:00) and organic coffee and more feature they have. There is also food menu especially, chicken plate is awesome. They make their original chicken there, so you can enjoy fresh smell and taste of chicken.

sea glass cafe

sea glass cafe

sea glass cafe

Moreover, Sea Glass cafe is popular for women, especially for moms. There is coloring set for kids, so moms do not need to worry about kids much. Their food is also popular which are ball donuts. It is the best combination with their organic coffee or after eating chicken plate.

sea glass cafe

sea glass cafe

seawall in okinawa

Chicken plate is quite big amount for breakfast, but even if you are full, you are fine because you can walk at the coast. When I went there, the weather was cloudy, but still great place to chilling out. It is really my favorite cozy place. Taking coffee with you, and walking there, it is going to be perfect day. Okinawa winter season is cloudy a lot, but you could enjoy seeing sunset and ocean 🙂

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  • Name: Sea Glass Cafe
  • Official Site: No
  • Address: 沖縄県北谷町宮城2-46
  • Opening Hours: 8:00~16:00 (Wednesdays is closed)
  • Credit Card: Yes
  • Phone: 098-936-2123
  • Area: It would take about 1hr from Naha airport by a car


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