Fancy Izakaya at Mekara Uroko

Sunabe Girls night at Mekara Uroko

Hi everyone! How is your Thursday? Friday is almost there! I went to Izakaya which names MEKARA UROKO last weekend. I thought Izakaya is probably only Japanese style. Have you ever been Izakaya? or you might think what is that??

What is Izakaya??

Izakaya is similar to bar or Spain bar, but it is also quite different to them. Izakaya is drinking and eating with affordable price. Fundamentally, it is all you can drink with a time limit. This is my opinion though, most great point of Izakaya is food. Izakaya food is very good and unique. I am always surprised their original food when I am there. I can get great recipe ideas sometimes. In Japan, 女子会(joshi-kai) is popular. It is kind of girl’s night, but just go to Izakaya with only girls. It was my 女子会 last night at MEKARA UROKO.

Girls night at Mekara Uroko, sunabe

Girls night at Mekara Uroko Sunabe

Perfect Izakaya in Seawall, Okinawa ” MEKARA UROKO “

MEKARA UROKO is one of my favorite Izakaya. It is little a bit different to other Izakaya style, it is more bar style. Their food is awesome. All food are great, but among them is that Ajillo is very good. I always order when I go there. You can not only enjoy their drink and food but also another fun is at MEKARA UROKO. I did not know that there is live music once a month. The live music was suddenly starting when I was having dinner with friends. Around MEKARA UROKO is a lot of hotels therefore, some customers were also surprised that live music.

Girls night at Mekara Uroko Sunabe

I had a amazing 女子会 with awesome friends last night. Next to MEKARA UROKO is bar which name Next Door. There is very popular to American, but also some Japanese groups are there for their birthday party or some party night. It is same owner, so it is easy to go there. You can feel Japanese style bar at MEKARA UROKO, and International style at Next Door. It is interesting atmosphere at the same time. When you visit in Japan, you should not miss to go Izakaya. I prefer to local one. You must like their food, atmosphere and people.

Thank you.



  • Name: ME KARA UROKO (目からうろこ)
  • Official Site:
  • Address: 沖縄県北谷町 2−219 1F
  • Opening Hours: 18:00~01:00 (Tuesdays is closed)
  • Credit Card: Yes
  • Phone: 098-936-4839
  • Area: It would take about a hour from Naha airport by a car


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