My favorite okinawan traditional textile bag

Okinawa traditional textile
my favorite okinawan traditional textile bag

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful because of the weather. I feel spring is getting close, so I went to one of my favorite beaches with also my favorite bag. Okinawa has a lot of traditional textile and dyeing moreover, it is the most registered number in Japan. The number is 12. We also have many isolated islands which total is approximately 160. Therefore, each island has own traditional textile or dyeing.

My favorite textile is Minsa(ミンサー) which is also same as above picture. That mark has a four-five pattern, and that means “for all eternity” in Japanese therefore, this textile have a beautiful love story. When a woman is proposed and her answer is yes, she weaves and give it to a man. Okinawa has many beautiful traditional culture. I hope we can keep and extend to worldwide it 🙂

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