Guinness Record Salt “Nuchima-su”


Hello everyone! Look that views! This is my sweet home Okinawa. I bet that Okinawa ocean has the power. There are a lot of products which made by Okinawa salt such as snacks, drinks and cosmetics. Among them is very great salt. The name is “nuchima-su” (ぬちまーす).

Why nuchima-su is awesome salt?

“nuchima-su” (ぬちまーす) is my favorite Okinawa salt. It is located in Miyagi Island however, you can go there by a car. Their plant tour is free, but you need a appointment if you go there over 10 people. Why “nuchima-su” (ぬちまーす) is great? because it was awarded a Guinness record in 2000. It has 21 different minerals besides, they have obtained a patent in 13 countries about the process. Hence, “nuchima-su” (ぬちまーす) is very close to the mineral of ocean. The mineral is very important for women especially. I was surprised when I used it first time. After using it, my skin and body condition are good.

nuchima-su factory

How to use “nuchima-su” (ぬちまーす) for the best way?

My recommendation is massage on face and body after taking a shower before wiping. After applying it and keep 15 to 20 second, rinse it. Please do not forget to moisturize your skin. *When you use it first time, please apply it small amount. It is a individual.

nuchima-su awarded salt

okinawa salt nuchima-su

Look at this salt! It looks like not salt, seems baking powder! “nuchima-su” (ぬちまーす) is very fine grain salt.

“nuchima-su” (ぬちまーす) is getting warm when using it. I was surprised it and I feel the power from it. Another reason why I like there, the view is beautiful. The picture of top is special spot. Turtle lay eggs there. I don’t know why but I really feel the power from this salt. I think it is good for as souvenir for yourself, family and friends. It must be good souvenir:)

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  • Name: Nuchima-su (ぬちまーす)
  • Official Site:
  • Address: 沖縄県うるま市与那城宮城2768
  • Opening Hours: 9:00~17:30
  • Credit Card: Yes
  • Phone: 098-983-1140
  • Area: It would take about 1hr40min from Naha airport by a car



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