Best Fresh Mayonnaise in Okinawa, Japan

Best Fresh Mayonnaise in Okinawa

Hi everyone! Are you mayonnaise lover? It might be pretty funny question for you. Honestly I am not. I do not like mayonnaise much however, I found unique and tasty one in Okinawa. I am little a bit shocked because I live here, but I did not know it very long.

The Fresh Okinawa Mayonnaise ” Miyagi Farm “

Their mayonnaise are made at a poultry farm in Nanjo which is located the south part of Okinawa island. The farm name is ” Miyagi farm “. They make it at the chicken farm directly therefore, their mayonnaise is very fresh and rich taste.

Best Fresh Mayonnaise in Okinawa

They have three different flavor, regular, bitter and spicy. Do you know bitter melon? Which is one of the representative Okinawa vegetable. We call it ” go-ya “(ゴーヤー). It is very famous as a health vegetable in Japan. The bitter one is included go-ya which is not much bitter, you can enjoy go-ya taste little a bit. The spicy one is included Okinawa red chili pepper. Usually, the representative eating is Okinawa red chili pepper is pickled by Awamori, we call it “ko-re-gu-su” (コーレーグース). We use it when we eat Okinawa Soba. When you would like to change the taste of Okinawa Soba, it is good for it. I have written about Awamori little a bit. Please also check this. Here.

Best Fresh Mayonnaise in Okinawa

Best Fresh Mayonnaise in Okinawa

My favorite flavor is spicy one. It is perfect with vegetable sticks salad or sausage. Their expiration date is about three month if you do not open it. After opening it, best before date is for a month. I think it would be a unique and good souvenir from Okinawa. This time, I was not able to visit there, so I definitely would like to go and see their poultry farm next time. I will post it when I go there 🙂

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  • Name: Miyagi Farm
  • Official Site:
  • Address: 沖縄県南城市大里字大里499
  • Price: ¥2,100~
  • Area: It would take about 30min from Naha airport by a car


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