Happy New Year 2018!!

Tryme Japanese beauty subscription box

Happy New Year from Japan!! Hi my beautiful ladies! How is your countries New Year Holiday?? How could you spend time for that?? Japanese style is that most people go to the temple and pray for family health and happy for a year and meet and spend time with family. New Year is one of the most important holidays for us because family are connect even though we live in different prefectures or countries. First of January was that I went to grandmothers’s houses. My dad side and mom side. It was super busy day and many many family I met Ha! I feel that I am getting old, but I […]

Restarting my blog!

Hi my beautiful friends! I did not update my blog for long time. I was looking for what I really want to do in my life, for the best life, what should I do for myself therefore,  I did not write any topic here. My passion for Okinawa, Japan has never been gone however, I was really looking for myself. I think it comes to everyone like that season or time, I would like to know when you had one, how did you get over it. On my blog, I would like to share with you any topics which are I am interested in such as Okinawa, Food, Beauty, Travels… […]