Happy Valentine’s Day from Okinawa Japan

How to make okinawan cookies “chinsuko”? Hi everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day♡ How are you going to spend today? Hopefully, you are going to spend amazing day. Do you know Japanese Valentine’s Day is little a bit different to general one. Valentine’s Day is usually Men give some presents such as flowers, chocolate and message card to women however, in Japan is opposite. Women give them to men, normally they make hand-made chocolate dessert or buy chocolate. However, sister and I decide to make Okinawan Cookies which we call “Chinsuko(ちんすこう)”. We have been inherited this since 400 years. It was only for royal family and aristocracy in Ryukyu Era nowadays, this is very […]

The great Okinawa souvenir ” Mozuku Seaweed Soup “

  Hi everyone! When you are choosing souvenirs, it is quite hard to decide which one is good, especially you visit the place more than twice. It is not cool to give same souvenir to your colleagues, friends and family. I always think If someone tell me which one is popular to local people when I travel. It must be great souvenirs I think. The great Okinawan souvenir ” Mozuku Seaweed Soup “ One of my friend introduced me ” Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed Soup ” (沖縄県産もずく芽かぶのとろ〜りスープ). I found it at local grocery store. It is not as souvenir I think, but I bet that it should be great souvenir for […]

Okinawa Traditional Food in Winter Season

Okinawa traditional winter food

Hi everyone! Does your country has traditional witer food? My home town Okinawa has kind of a lot. I got one of the traditional winter food from my cousin today therefore, I would like to share Okinawa traditional with you. What is mu-chi (ムーチー) ? Do you know ” mu-chi ” (ムーチー) ? It is one of Okinawa traditional food. We make and eat it on the December 8th (Chinese Calendar). Okinawa culture is very deeply and closely connect to Chinese culture because we were used to King of Ryukyu. Hence, we still follow this calendar for Okinawa culture. Old tradition has it that our health is great when we […]