My favorite okinawan traditional textile bag

Okinawa traditional textile

my favorite okinawan traditional textile bag Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful because of the weather. I feel spring is getting close, so I went to one of my favorite beaches with also my favorite bag. Okinawa has a lot of traditional textile and dyeing moreover, it is the most registered number in Japan. The number is 12. We also have many isolated islands which total is approximately 160. Therefore, each island has own traditional textile or dyeing. My favorite textile is Minsa(ミンサー) which is also same as above picture. That mark has a four-five pattern, and that means “for all eternity” in Japanese therefore, this textile have a […]

Best Fresh Mayonnaise in Okinawa, Japan

Best Fresh Mayonnaise in Okinawa

Hi everyone! Are you mayonnaise lover? It might be pretty funny question for you. Honestly I am not. I do not like mayonnaise much however, I found unique and tasty one in Okinawa. I am little a bit shocked because I live here, but I did not know it very long. The Fresh Okinawa Mayonnaise ” Miyagi Farm “ Their mayonnaise are made at a poultry farm in Nanjo which is located the south part of Okinawa island. The farm name is ” Miyagi farm “. They make it at the chicken farm directly therefore, their mayonnaise is very fresh and rich taste. They have three different flavor, regular, bitter […]

Guinness Record Salt “Nuchima-su”


Hello everyone! Look that views! This is my sweet home Okinawa. I bet that Okinawa ocean has the power. There are a lot of products which made by Okinawa salt such as snacks, drinks and cosmetics. Among them is very great salt. The name is “nuchima-su” (ぬちまーす). Why nuchima-su is awesome salt? “nuchima-su” (ぬちまーす) is my favorite Okinawa salt. It is located in Miyagi Island however, you can go there by a car. Their plant tour is free, but you need a appointment if you go there over 10 people. Why “nuchima-su” (ぬちまーす) is great? because it was awarded a Guinness record in 2000. It has 21 different minerals besides, they have […]