Pink Lipstick! CHIFURE

Hi my beautiful ladies! Are you ready for spring season?? YES! We are! We miss the warm weather and amazing season, so we love putting on colorful lipsticks. We would love to introduce the perfect pink color lipstick for any ladies. CHIFURE – Lipstick121   CHIFURE Lipsticks are included a lot of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is one of the popular ingredient in skincare. As using skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid secures moisture and has younger looking. It is like a baby face skin. Hence, it would give you plump lips naturally! Besides, it is included Macadamia nuts oil. Hmm, yummy yummy lipstick! Haha It doesn’t smell macadamia nut though.   […]

Do you like pink eyeshadow??

Hi my beautiful ladies! How is your day so far? The winter season makes us depressed sometimes. However, when we makeup, our feeling are great! exciting, happy and positive! If you try to use colorful color for the makeup in winter season, it makes you happy more! But is it difficult to use colorful color for the makeup, isn’t it?? Eyeshadow of CANMAKE TOKYO is very simple and finishing very beautiful. CANMAKE TOKYO – Juicy Pure Eyes06 This eye shadow is the powder, but it is a juicy shimmer. The secret to the juicy look is the souffle, which boosts shimmer and staying power. The most great point is pink […]

Daily Face Wash – KAO Biore Facial Form Mild

Hi my beautiful ladies! When winter season come, I always consider my skincare because my skin of this season is very sensitive. Therefore, it is good timing to find great skincare products. When you change your skincare products? Biore skincare is different to other brands because they think that washing face is also included skincare steps. That’s why Biore Facial Form Mild is No.1 of self washing face for the fifth consecutive year. KAO – Biore – Facial Form Mild They have been making research over 35 years, and have their own skincare technology which calls SPT – Skin Purifying Technology. When we wash our face, it is very sensitive, […]

The Special Skincare – suisai Face Wash Powder

KANEBO – suisai – Beauty Clear Powder Hi my beautiful ladies. I have a wedding ceremony this weekend, but I do not have time to go a facial salon. However, I definitely need to care special skincare for that because I need to treatment for clogged pores. How do you treat your skin pores? What is the clogged pores?? Why is it bad for your skin?? Clogged pores can happen to anyone, even those of us who follow a strict skin care routine.  As the most basic root of acne, clogged pores have been blamed for everything from blackheads to an uneven complexion. Our skin is constantly creating new skin cells […]

Special Face Care in Winter Season

Hi my beautiful ladies! This winter is super cold! It is snowing even in Tokyo! The weather forecast said that it is for the first time in four year. How is your countries weather?? Our skin get dry especially winter season, so I highly recommend you to use face mask with your daily skincare. It should not be every day, but three time a week is great. Besides, it is good timing to take whitening care of your skin in winter season. KOSE Clear Turn WHITE Face Mask with Vitamin C is one of the great face mask for that reason. Feature of KOSE Clear Turn WHITE Face mask POINT […]

Keeping your hair wet?! It is absolutely NO!

Hi my beautiful ladies!! How is your Tuesday?? I had a lunch with my friend and came back home just now. I went to a cafe after taking shower, and I did not dry my hair very well, so I still feel cold little a bit. I do not like using hair dryer much because it gets damage little by little, but if you keep wet hair, it is more bad for your hair. The bacteria increases moreover, getting smelly and oily hair. How should I take care my hair after taking shower?? The hair has cuticle. The health cuticle equals your hair health. Moreover, when your hair wet, the […]

Which foundation formula do you prefer??

What is the best foundation for dry skin?? Hi my beautiful ladies!! How is the weather of your country?? Here is Okinawa, Japan is the South of Japan. The most of seasons are warm, but recently weather is rainy, so the temperature goes down. Besides, the air is dry now, so my skin is also dry…. I apply a lot of lotions and cream everyday, but after making up, I feel my skin is dry again. Hence, I am thinking probably I should change my foundation for this winter season. Which foundation formula do you prefer to use in winter season in your country?? I usually use a powder foundation all […]

Monday Makeup – Organic Beauty –

ETVOS MINERAL UV GLOW BASE Hi my beautiful ladies! How was your weekend? My weekend was pretty busy but also great time. I had a meeting for making LOGO of Tryme on Saturday. We had a really good time, talked daily topics, discussed and shared business ideas. I am super excited to see Tryme progress! I will share with you when it comes definitely! However, I was super busy last week, so my face has kind of rough skin now. I cannot go out without makeup because here is Okinawa, Japan is still hot like Summer even now is January, so I need to protect my face from UV, especially […]

What is your skincare in busy morning??

SEKKISEI Herbal Gel Hi beautiful ladies! How is your Monday?? Today is Coming of Age Day in Japan, so it is holiday for us. It calls 成人の日 seijin no hi. We celebrate when the age turns 20 years old. That means you are adult no more kid. Haha If your family have 20 years old person, it should be a big celebration for your family as well. Hence, today is Monday, so it is slow day for me! However, regular Monday is crazy busy because after Sunday and also it is first of week. I think it is not only me but also most of people are crazy busy. As […]

Your skin is dry skin in winter season??

KOSE SEKKISEI Enriched Lotion Hi my beautiful ladies! How is your weekend? Here is Okinawa Japan is rainy and cloudy all day, so here is cold because the air comes from the North. Even the rainy day in winter season, our skin got dry. I thought it moisturizes our skin, but no…My skin is also dry :/ The dry skin makes wrinkles, so I change my skincare products each seasons. How about you?? Do you change your skincare for seasons or your skin conditions?? I think your countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan are not much cold and winter season like Japan. However, inside buildings or buses are very cold because […]