Which foundation formula do you prefer??

What is the best foundation for dry skin??

Hi my beautiful ladies!! How is the weather of your country?? Here is Okinawa, Japan is the South of Japan. The most of seasons are warm, but recently weather is rainy, so the temperature goes down. Besides, the air is dry now, so my skin is also dry…. I apply a lot of lotions and cream everyday, but after making up, I feel my skin is dry again. Hence, I am thinking probably I should change my foundation for this winter season.

Which foundation formula do you prefer to use in winter season in your country??

I usually use a powder foundation all season because 1. I do not like greasy one. 2. When I wear liquid foundations, I get clogged with whiteheads sometimes because of my sensitive skin. 3. I prefer the natural finish. Therefore, I prefer to use the powder foundation. Moreover, in summer time, the foundation is coming off quickly. I usually make much on the natural finish not only the foundation but also other makeup products. However, the powder foundation is not much coverage and do not keep moist. This winter season makes my skin dry very much.
However, I do not know much which foundation is good for currently my skin.

Which foundation is better for dry skin? Liquid or Cream??

The liquid foundation

  • Fitting skin ◎
  • Smoothing texture ◎
  • Creating clear and glow skin ◎
  • Continuing hydrate skin ◎

The cream foundation

  • Fitting skin ◎
  • Smoothing texture △ ⇨ like a thick and night cream
  • Creating clear and glow skin ◯
  • Continuing hydrate skin ◎
    *More oily than the liquid foundation

They have more features, but I think this is most important comparison points.
Liquid foundations offer a variety of finishes such as matte, natural, and dewy. and coverage sheer, medium, and full. Therefore, the liquid foundation can be used by a wider range of women with different skin types, and tend to work well for those with combination to oily skin only. The cream foundation texture is thick, so you should use it just tiny amount and blend well. *Reference from CALYXTA

I think the liquid foundation might match for my currently skin condition. I will go to some beauty shops and get nice one for me this week! I will share with you which foundation I get soon.

Which foundation formula do you use usually?? I would love to know yours! Leave your message below.

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