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Hi my beautiful ladies. I have a wedding ceremony this weekend, but I do not have time to go a facial salon. However, I definitely need to care special skincare for that because I need to treatment for clogged pores. How do you treat your skin pores?

What is the clogged pores?? Why is it bad for your skin??

Clogged pores can happen to anyone, even those of us who follow a strict skin care routine.  As the most basic root of acne, clogged pores have been blamed for everything from blackheads to an uneven complexion.

Our skin is constantly creating new skin cells and shedding old ones. When these dead skin cells have an opportunity to build up due to dry skin, lack of exfoliating, or other factors. They can clog pores on our skin.


Why suisan Beauty Clear Powder is good care for face pores??

Tryme Japanese Beauty Box KANEBO suisai face wash


    Breaking Down Old Protein and Sebum
    Old protein and sebum are  cause of clogged pores therefore, suisai is included the ingredient of two enzymes and amino acid for breaking down. Your skin would be smooth, silky and sleek.


    Keeping Effect of the Enzyme 
    The enzyme deteriorates its effect because of humidity and high temperature. The powder is gathered, so that the surface area of powder is smaller moreover, it is good for the humidity.


    History of Enzyme Wash of KANEBO Research and Development
    KANEBO R&D is 55 years this year. They are always seeking and researching for the best enzyme wash for us. Therefore, we could rest assured that it is safe to use it everyday.

How to use KANEBO suisai Beauty Clear Powder??

  1. Washing your hands and face with lukewarm water or water
  2. Lathering one suisai capsule nicely 


  • Adding lukewarm water gradually, and lathering nicely
  • Using the face foaming net is also good

Tryme Japanese Beauty Box suisai face wash

Following this example are bad lather

Tryme Japanese Beauty Box KANEBO suisai face wash

3.  Washing your face gently

  • During washing, you should not touch your hands and face
  • Washing your face as below picture

Tryme Japanese Beauty Box KANEBO suisai face wash

REFERENCE from KANEBO – suisai


Clogged pores can happen to anyone, so we should care our skin to keep smooth, silky and sleek!
Please let us know if you have any question any time!

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