Special Face Care in Winter Season

Hi my beautiful ladies! This winter is super cold! It is snowing even in Tokyo! The weather forecast said that it is for the first time in four year. How is your countries weather??
Our skin get dry especially winter season, so I highly recommend you to use face mask with your daily skincare. It should not be every day, but three time a week is great. Besides, it is good timing to take whitening care of your skin in winter season. KOSE Clear Turn WHITE Face Mask with Vitamin C is one of the great face mask for that reason.

Feature of KOSE Clear Turn WHITE Face mask

    Thick Face Mask of BEMLIESE 
    The Bemliese is a pure, anti-irritant sheet made from cotton linter. The fine, soft fibers and excellent fit results in efficient delivery of the beauty serum into your skin. Therefore, each face mask contains as many as 22ml of beauty essence.
    The Perfect Fitting Mask
    Rich thick beauty essence penetrates thoroughly thanks to the perfect fitting mask. The mask fits like it sticks, and rich moisture penetrates rapidly.
    Four FREE Safe Formula
    Gentle to the skin because of its weakly acid and four free safe formula. Four Free safe formula are fragrance-free, color-free, mineral oil-free and alcohol-free.

How to use KOSE Clear Turn WHITE Face Mask

  1. Opening the face mask and fold back eyes parts to outside
  2. Fitting eyes parts first, mouth and face with pushing out air bubbles
  3. Covering your eyes or fitting under eyes
  4. Keeping face mask around 10 mins
  5. Applying gently beauty essence of face mask

Let’s take special care for your skin today! Getting nice skin even winter season!

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