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Hi my beautiful ladies! How was your weekend?
My weekend was pretty busy but also great time. I had a meeting for making LOGO of Tryme on Saturday. We had a really good time, talked daily topics, discussed and shared business ideas. I am super excited to see Tryme progress! I will share with you when it comes definitely!
However, I was super busy last week, so my face has kind of rough skin now. I cannot go out without makeup because here is Okinawa, Japan is still hot like Summer even now is January, so I need to protect my face from UV, especially I will see many people even I do not know them because of going out! My skin needs a break time but also covers my rough skin. The organic beauty products are good for my currently condition skin.

– ETVOS – Japanese Organic Beauty Brand

Have you ever heard ETVOS?? It is Japanese Organic Beauty Brand. They have skincare and makeup products. I use this beauty brand as my daily makeup because it is organic products, and especially it does not need a makeup remover. You can remove your makeup only with soup. It is super great for skin and lazy me!

I would like to introduce my daily base makeup today.

The Foundation Primer and UV Protect

This product is actually Foundation Primer, but with UV protect and also skincare included. It is easy to use, but the skin looks natural and keep moisturizer. My skin is very sensitive and dry but also oily, so it is combination skin. Even my skin type, this is great, so I would tell you that ETVOS MINERAL UV GLOW BASE is good for any type of skin.
It is included little a bit glitter, but this makes a glowing skin. I like it to use on Monday but also I like using it next day of drunk night. haha

If you like using organic beauty products, leave your comment below!

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