Keeping your hair wet?! It is absolutely NO!

Hi my beautiful ladies!! How is your Tuesday?? I had a lunch with my friend and came back home just now. I went to a cafe after taking shower, and I did not dry my hair very well, so I still feel cold little a bit. I do not like using hair dryer much because it gets damage little by little, but if you keep wet hair, it is more bad for your hair. The bacteria increases moreover, getting smelly and oily hair.

How should I take care my hair after taking shower??

The hair has cuticle. The health cuticle equals your hair health. Moreover, when your hair wet, the cuticle opens which means special ingredients for hair protection by hair care products are gone. The best timing is drying your hair in 15 mins after taking shower.

How to dry your hair correctly.

  • Drying your hair from roots to ends
    *Especially the hair ends are easy to get damage, so you should dry your hair ends last.
  • Between hair dryer to your hair distance is 15 cm
  • Do not dry your hair only one spot
  • Changing temperature from warm to cold when your hair got dry 80%
    *The cuticle closes when it got cold air, and it makes a sleek your hair.

When I researched abut hair information and hair care, a lot of hair information are interesting and new things. I would love to learn more about hair. The hair is very important for us. I would definitely share with you when I get new and interesting information about our hair. Becoming beautiful lady is not easy, so that’s why it is more fun and enjoyable!


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