Daily Face Wash – KAO Biore Facial Form Mild

Hi my beautiful ladies! When winter season come, I always consider my skincare because my skin of this season is very sensitive. Therefore, it is good timing to find great skincare products. When you change your skincare products?

Biore skincare is different to other brands because they think that washing face is also included skincare steps. That’s why Biore Facial Form Mild is No.1 of self washing face for the fifth consecutive year.

KAO – Biore – Facial Form Mild

Tryme Japanese Beauty Subscription Box KAO Biore Face Form Mild

They have been making research over 35 years, and have their own skincare technology which calls SPT – Skin Purifying Technology. When we wash our face, it is very sensitive, so KAO Biore Facial Form Mild keeps moisture but also clean your face.

When is the best to use KAO Biore Facial Form Mild?

Do you wash your face in the morning? Only wash your face with water?? In fact, it is not clean your face in the morning. You get the sebum during sleeping. Keeping the fine skin is important to wash your face in the morning as well.

How to use it??

  1.  Using Biore Facial Form Mild about 2~3cm
  2. Lathering it nicely
  3. Washing your face and rinsing the soup off  very well



The skincare is important to keep a beautiful skin, so we should start our day with washing face first!

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