Do you like pink eyeshadow??

Hi my beautiful ladies! How is your day so far? The winter season makes us depressed sometimes. However, when we makeup, our feeling are great! exciting, happy and positive! If you try to use colorful color for the makeup in winter season, it makes you happy more!
But is it difficult to use colorful color for the makeup, isn’t it??

Eyeshadow of CANMAKE TOKYO is very simple and finishing very beautiful.

CANMAKE TOKYO – Juicy Pure Eyes06

Tryme Japanese Subscription Box CANMAKE TOKYO eyesadow

This eye shadow is the powder, but it is a juicy shimmer. The secret to the juicy look is the souffle, which boosts shimmer and staying power.

Tryme Japanese Subscription Box CANMAKE TOKYO eyeshadow

The most great point is pink of main color which is left side. Applying that pink eyeshadow to the whole of the eyelids. Usually using pink color as main color looks puffy eyes, but CANMAKE TOKYO Juicy Pure Eyes doesn’t look like that.

Tryme Japanese Beauty Subscription Box CANMAKE TOKYO Eyeshadow

One of the reason is oil-rich formula enhances translucence and maintains the dewy look of the dainty glitter.

How to use it??

CANMAKE TOKYO Eyeshadow How to use

A: Main Color  B: Liner Color C: Juicy Coat Suffle

  1. Applying A to the whole of the eyelids
  2. Applying C to the whole of the eyelids by your finger is good
  3. Applying B to the edge of the  eyelids

Especially C which is Juicy Coat Suffle can be any parts such as eyeshadow base, juicy shimmer and highlighting powder.

Making you happy and positive with colorful makeup even it is winter season!!
If you have any questions, please let us know ♪


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