What is your skincare in busy morning??


Hi beautiful ladies! How is your Monday?? Today is Coming of Age Day in Japan, so it is holiday for us. It calls 成人の日 seijin no hi. We celebrate when the age turns 20 years old. That means you are adult no more kid. Haha If your family have 20 years old person, it should be a big celebration for your family as well.
Hence, today is Monday, so it is slow day for me! However, regular Monday is crazy busy because after Sunday and also it is first of week. I think it is not only me but also most of people are crazy busy.

As you know the skincare is very important for us and if we skip it even one day, you might also feel that your skin is different, not looking good.
However, the skincare steps are so much taking time!! Applying lotion, emulsion, eye care, face mask and cream…. never ending! Hence, I prefer to use an all-in-one lotion or cream for busy morning especially Mondays.

The all-in-one gel and overnight mask

SEKKISEI Herbal Gel is helping so much most of my Mondays!!
It is an all-in-one gel, so emulsion, serum, cream, massage pack and mask included in only one step. It is an amazing for all busy ladies!! Moreover, it is not only the all-in-one gel but also an overnight face mask. My recommend using is as morning gel because it is super easy, but as the overnight face mask is also great.
As the over night face mask, about 8 hours of continuous hydration while you sleep.

SEKKISEI Herbal Gel is a multi-beneficial hydrating gel, so if you do not like heavy cream texture, you might not like using it for the morning skincare. However, it is good for the cost I think. Even one scoop of this gel, it is enough for the face.

The compounded oriental plants – Japanese and Chinese plants extracts –

It is included many compounded oriental plants. They create a natural youthful glow.


*Reference from KOSE SEKKISEI

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